Jacqueline Grattan

"I have been seeing Jac for around 2 years. I came to here after family traumas which had left me very anxious and with very low self esteem. 

I recognised a pattern in me where external traumas effected me deeply on an emotional level. causing depression anxiety and a general dislike of myself. In the past I saw therapists to help me through but I feel that it was a little like putting a plaster on a wound that really needed stitches, with the next trauma resulting in me being in the same low place.

When I first started seeing Jac, I was very cautious at our meetings, feeling that I would never get out of this cycle. 

We discussed things in my childhood and past relationships as well as things in the present. She made me see how I might have got to where i am in my life, without putting blame on specific things.

Her genuinely friendly and kind personality has helped me to build a trusting relationship with her and we can work through issues together. 

Over the last few months, I have felt a shift in me where I no longer feel that everything that happens is my fault, and i am learning to manage problems by keeping some things at a distance and giving room to care about myself. I know i am not quite there yet, but I have travelled a long way emotionally. I now feel so much more empowered and trust that Jac will help me even more on this journey. 

I no longer feel that I will never get there, i'm pretty sure I will. For once, I can look in the mirror and say, actually you are all right."



"I had no previous experience of counselling or therapy before meeting Jac. The relationship she built with me over 18 months has literally changed my life.  A recent trauma at work had left me unable to cope with basic things in life and I felt so desperate. Sometimes, I don't know how Jac made any sense of.my ramblings but she was never anything less than warm, empathetic and supportive. She helped me to explore the events in my childhood that impacted on the person I became. Through developing a real relationship with me, based on genuine interest in me as a person and care for my well-being, she helped me to see myself and my relationships differently. The experience has had an impact on all aspects of my life. My self-esteem is strong, my relationships more positive and I am excited about the future. I will never be able to thank Jac enough,  and I have no hesitation in recommending her significant therapeutic skills to others seeking help."